Ever feel sluggish? feel tired, drained, energy peaks and drops, eat too much uncontrollably? feel your diets are not working, cravings too strong to deal with, mindset not right?

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Sugar is in 80% of your food which can be excessive if eating all day.

With all we eat these days it seems our biggest battle is not what we do so much as what we don’t see. Either in ourselves or how we are seen, that also goes with your food, We are WHAT WE EAT!!   We consume so much food that we really need, and all foods except fresh farm produce is riddled with additives sugars and processed  to deliver less than adequate nutrients, even fibre has been removed in processed food.

Do you want to change? then only you can make that change. Start examining what you eat, It maybe delicious but  the after effect long term may not be so wonderful. It is hard to fight cravings, ignore guilt for pleasure and feel you earned what you deserve to eat, Food itself is the energy of life but WHAT you consume can take away life too.  too much sugar too many carbs not enough essential fats,  too many bad fats!. what about proteins?

The majority of foods make you FAT if you consume too many, Proteins are not fat loading so eating them is simple, carbs are the bad boys not fats, Some fats  like trans fats are the bad boys but these are not on most foods unless either processed or cooked fried.

All veggies are good all salads are good all fruits are good, they are natural and essential to life and the bodies nutritional value.

Too many pies pasties sausage rolls sugary foods  AND DRINKS are killing your health. The biggest obesity driving force these days are the consumption of SUGARS!!!!

How much sugar do you eat? do you really know?take a look at these videos and see what sugar is in and what it is doing to your body. IF you want to change how you feel how you look and how your energy levels dictate how you live your life, MAKE a CHANGE!

Video info: eat better Dr. Lutstig:

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