Metafit classes


Want to loose weight, Tone up, Strengthen the body WITHOUT WEIGHTS, …WITHOUT EQUIPMENT!!…. WITH LIMITED TIME!…?    

                 Cardio! Abs! conditioning

40  MINUTES  Metafit  Thursday  Blitzzz !!

6pm at Howard State School Bill Sargent Hall

108 William Street Howard QLD 4659

Quick fast Metabolic kick- Lasts all day!

Keeps the system re energising throughout the day.+
Helps burn fat while you work
shreds the waistline , works the Heart and Lungs.
Cardio  Strength  Core and Toning!
Book your weekday fitness regime
Start to look  your best for Summer with

Splinter’s fitness!!

Put the Bounce back into your fitness

    Book online or pay $10 at the door

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8 week metafit class