Personal Training

Get your body in shape the hardcore way! billy bean 2

Looking to train one on one. or a couple or maximum four people  to share the cost

Needing to strengthen, gain more cardio, add flexibility to your stiffened  and lack lustre body?

Fitness programs and personal training available.Pre fitness assessment is required  first to find your status and physical abilities.

Body weight, Measurements and BMI count -skin folds taken to find your initial starting point. From here we can assess your progress and work on your ongoing fitness and goals!

Resistance Band training with professional Resistance Band Technology covering all facets of fitness in a bag!!

Get in shape today!

One on one resistance training with professional Fitness resistance bands working all parts of the body, box fit workouts for cardio speed endurance and co-ordination.

Strength training, cardio – plyometric fitness  and flexibility training

Minimum weights for  isolation of muscular fitness, Cardio endurance as part of the above fitness workouts.

Programs to suit your needs and  re assessments throughout the training

you can book a single session or multiple sessions of 6-to-10  gets discount costs either half hour  or hour long sessions that suits your timespan. Training at your home or park beach or (soon to be released a small gym) watch this space

Pre- fitness assessment will be required before any Personal training to commence with a one off fee of $60

Please be aware if you have any physical injuries, functional issues that are medical, please get clearance from your Medical practitioner before commencing any exercise, this is a  statutory requirement. Please refer to ParQ  pre-fitness assessment page before booking a session.

Making a payment, you are agreeing to Ts&Cs on this site.

Personal Training Fees