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Welcome to Splinter’s  Fitness

Hi!, I’m  Mark Carson, nick name  SPLINTER.. I have held for over 25 years  (yes the ninja rat himself) so I would be happy for you to call me Splinter, infact I insist on it!              IMG_0878

Got qualified at   Australian Institute of Fitness in 2010 as Master Trainer level 1 and registered with Fitness Australia level 2  & registered as business 2014

About me: Been into sports from early childhood, olympic contender in gymnastics at age 11, pursued sports throughout my teenage life and adulthood. Took up Wado Kai Karate for 5 years.

Played handball for Milton Keynes UK and for Great Britain travelling to Israel to play there, as a visitor of their great country whose national sport  is handball.

Joined Milton Keynes gridiron team MK Pioneers in my 20’s and we were national winners in 1994. Winning the division championships.

Moved to Australia in 1995 playing gridiron for WA  before retiring.

Spent the next ten years in a high profile stressful job with lots of pressure gaining weight and pretty much an unhealthy diet, decided to conquer it by doing indoor beach volleyball with workmates and we won the division  mixed group 2008 finals. This was a start of my unhealthy lifestyle change .

In 2010 due to career redundancy I decided to revisit my fitness career and took the Australian Institute of Fitness  course and qualified Cert IV as a personal trainer. Joined Bodytech in Perth WA as a casual full time trainer for Denise Mazurek( now Curnow) Owner of Bodytech Denise A fantastic soul changing 1000s of lives for the better, my mentor and friend,  honoured to have been with her for 5 years. Having learned how to train groups to 100 people a week in fitness classes cardio, spin bike classes, boot-camp style beach fitness, and 6,8 and 12 week challenges among  many other forms of fitness regimes for non fit and fit people alike. Completed Punchfit box-pad trainers course and Punchfit thai-pad Instructors course taking the groups on  box-fit classes.http://www.punchfit.com.au/

Completed boot-camp training courses with Bootcamp Alliance and recently took a course in nutrition with Precision Nutrition Certification Level 1.http://www.precisionnutrition.com


I pride myself on the  many areas of expertise and have been challenged in the fitness arena to do the best I can to help, nurture and motivate people back to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.I did it for me now I want to do it for you!

What I love about fitness is the gratitude and exhilaration people show having accomplished their goals in the fitness journey realising it is not a chore but a lifestyle to a better way of life.

My areas of ability in training range from circuit training, resistance band fitness, a speciality of mine, cardio, stamina, endurance, multiple plyometric training and weekly challenges, motivating being my biggest passion.

Fitness is never easy to start with but with compassion willingness and personal goals and lots of effort to succeed, it can change your outlook, your mindset,your beliefs and your physical stance in life.

Be a better you, Bring the Bounce Back in your Fitness!  Become the person you were again, join Splinter’s Fitness and change your life for the better!


CHECK OUT  the website for info on how to join my classes and train or ask for a one on one personal training that suits you.Get your body in shape the hardcore way!

Please be aware if you have any physical injuries, functional issues that are medical, please get clearance from your Medical practitioner before commencing any exercise, this is a  statutory requirement.


Mobile: 0408950836

email:splintersfitness [at] iinet [dot] net [dot] au