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Pumped to be fit


  • Personal 1 on 1 PT sessions Personal gym available
  • Never too old to try ,always willing always tryng
  • Be the best you deserve
  • It’s about you it’s your life
  • Never say never
  • Life’s worth living, find the reason strive to make it a better life
  • Sometimes we are tired and worn out, but there’s always tomorrow.
  • Confused? call me let me help cos If i can do it, you most certainly can!!
  • Desire to have a bit of contentment and achievement in your life
  • Take the next step Call me Splinter
  • 0408950836 email – splintersfitness [at] iinet [dot] net [dot] au
  • Nutrition and health and wellness professional!!
  • Bootcamp. Thaipad Kickpad, metafit Gym fitness. spin, cardio endurance, suspension Boxfit, Battleropes , weight training, strength conditioning and dietary advice!
Knockout success at your fingertips

Feel you need that push! feel you need guidance, want more than just a gym membership? want to join a class for excitement hard work and achievement?. want the drive back but do not know how or where to turn? try Splinter’s Fitness, local, convenient and willing to help. Howard or Fraser coast area. Personal assessments and pre-exercise qualification done prior to exercise committment.

Give me a call on 0408950836 or leave a message on 0741173445 or email me at splintersfitness [at] iinet [dot] net [dot] au

Make Fitness a Priority!!